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Rockbell Time Attendance System

Rockbell Time Attendance System is a program that has been chiefly designed for small-medium enterprises to keep track of their employees in terms of their daily/monthly attendance, working hours, computation of overtime, shift allowances and leave management to name a few. It is able to capture data from external sources such as Finger-Print Reader, Magnetic Card Reader, Barcode Reader or directly from the Terminal Simulator. This system will lessen the tediousness around recording tasks by reducing manual calculations, leading to increased efficiency and computation of payroll.

Rockbell Time Attendance System is suitable for all types of business. Its user-friendly interface is parameter-driven and flexible, providing control in systematic work scheduling. A secure system that allows movement of staff to be tracked, Rockbell Time Attendance System is linked and can be used in conjunction with Rockbell Payroll to process all your payroll needs.

  • Personnel Maintenance Creation of individual profiles for all employees.
  • Badge Maintenance of employees badge IDs.
  • Schedule Maintenance Maintenance of work schedule, rest schedule, overtime schedule.
  • Duty Organiser Organises monthly activities for employees creation of multiple and variable activities in one group.
  • Allowances and Time Scale Formula Table Sets allowance and overtime scale conditions for employees. Allowance and overtime claims can be computed based on selected specifications. This facility can be linked to ROCKBELL PAYROLL.
  • Terminal Maintenance Captures import data from external sources such as ASCII files or ODBC database files.
  • Attendance Processing and Time ScaleCalculations Calculates the total number of working hours, total rest time, overtime, and punctuality, updating these to individual employee attendance files.
  • Exception Log Captures incomplete and abnormal messages.

  • Attendance Reports
    • Daily Attendance.
    • Monthly Attendance.
    • Attendance Analysis.
    • Outstanding Attendance Analysis.
    • Abnormal Attendance Analysis.
    • Monthly Basis Attendance.
    • Shift Attendance.
  • Personnel Lisitng
    • Personnel File Listing.
    • Work Exchange Lisitng.
    • Ability to print Employee Labels.
  • Enquiries
    • Duty Organisers Listing.
    • Duty Roster.
    • Holiday Listing.
    • Ability to list Terminal Data.
  • Leave Reports
    • Personnel Leave Report.
    • Work cum Leave Report.
    • Leave Summary Report.
    • Absentee Analysis.
  • Clocking Reports
    • Personnel Clocking Report.
    • Unauthorised Clocking Report.
    • Incomplete Clocking Report.
  • Tardiness (lateness) Reports
    • Lateness Analysis.
    • Late Arrival Report.
    • Early Departure Report.
  • Overtime Reports
    • Overtime Analysis.
    • Overtime Summary Report.
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