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Rockbell Accounting Software Pricing.
Rockbell Businnes system have 8 product, Point Of sales, Stock Control System, Accounting System, Payroll System, Human Resource Management, Time Attendance, Billing & Disbursement and Asset Register. Licensing is devided into LAN or single PC version. Currently we offer 3 products: Accounting, stock control and POS. For other product please inqury to our office for latest pricing.

All prices is in Singapore dollar.

Single PC

Accounting, stock control, POS:
$ 950

$ 630

Accounting + Stock:
$ 1270

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LAN Version

There is no PC limit for LAN version.

Accounting, stock control, POS:
$ 1575

$ 1050

Accounting + Stock:
$ 2100

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The pricing below is not including installation fee. Installation is depending on how many pc, customer location and difficulties of the work.

Maintenance plan
We offer flexible maintenance plan depends on the needs of the customer. These maintenance plans are yearly based. contact us for maintenance plan that will fit your needs and budget. This is our current Basic maintenance plan for the program. For detail of the maintenance service click here.

Accounting, POS, Stock
Rp. 1,300,000 per PC

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