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Rockbell Point Of Sale

Rockbell Point Of Sales is a fully computerised comprehensive cash register specifically designed for retail outlets and service oriented businesses. It is highly flexible and can be operated with or without the use of barcode reading equipment.

Aiding retail management, it provides up-to-date inventory level information, sales personnel performance analysis, loyalty program, peak customer period analysis, margins analysis, and receivables analysis. It also offers a customer trend analysis, which can be vital for the effective running of retail outlets.

Historical data is archived instantly eliminating the fear of losing valuable data. A secure system that protects your information, Rockbell Point Of Sales will minimise the risk of the loss of cash, loss product items and data as a result of pilferage.

  • Comprehensive Billing The management will be able to access complete information regarding cashier counters, salespersons, product items, indicated POS counter and mode of payment.
  • Accurate Transaction Every sales transaction will be captured accurately. Moreover, this system also provides information regarding deposits and withdrawals from your cash drawer, making the comparison of actual cash amounts to cash drawer viable.
  • Information Resources With this system, you will be able to view reports as well as reprint cash receipts and print barcode labels.
  • Report Generation Reports can be generated with a click of mouse. These reports include cash receipts reports, sales analysis reports, salesperson performance reports and inventory reports for management control.
  • Security Management The administrator can set the system so that only selected individuals can view the database.

  • Cash Receipt Reports
    • Receipts.
    • Sales Orders.
    • Cash Recording.
    • Credits Cards.
    • Cheques.
    • Foreign Currencies.
    • Special Discounts.
  • Sales Reports
    • Product Sales.
    • Services Items.
    • Salesperson Sales.
    • Promoter Sales.
    • Time.
    • Free Items.
  • Enquiries
    • Items.
    • List.
    • Item Labels.
    • Group and Category List.
    • Promotional and Service Items List.
  • Management Reports
    • Salesperson Performance.
    • Member Analysis.
    • Product Analysis.
    • Payment Analysis.
    • Time Analysis.
  • Inventory Reports
    • Stock balance.
    • Inventory Physical Worksheet.
    • Stock Received.
    • Purchase Return.
    • Stock Return.
    • Stock Adjustment.
    • Reorder Advice.
    • Serial No. Report.
    • Item Grade Report.
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