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Rockbell Human Resource Management System

Rockbell Human Resource Management System has been specifically designed for the effective and efficient management of the staff and personnel of small-medium enterprises. In the context of a digital era, the need to link your human resource related procedures through a fully computerised system becomes extremely pertinent. Our system will increase processing speeds while enhancing cross-functional communications within an organisation. The system will also contribute significantly to the productivity and efficiency of any firm because you will be able to monitor the excess or shortage of manpower requirements and review budgets for employee salary and training.


Some of the main benefits of Rockbell Human Resource Management System include the electronic submission of leave applications, claims, requests for resources and appraisal forms. In addition, this system aids the planning of employee training and development. It can be used to identify the necessary skills and resources needed for your organisation. Instant access to personnel information, this system is equipped with a manpower requirements report program that will assist the management decision-making process. This system fully integrates with Rockbell Payroll.

  • Maintenance of personnel/employee profiles.
  • Monitoring of employee work performance.
  • Tracking of employee salary history, promotion/demotion and departmental (internal) transfers.
  • Automatic calculation of individual entitled annual leave and annual leave balance.
Types Of Reports
  • Leave
    • Employee Leave Clearance report.
    • Employee Leave Summary.
    • Leave Scheme Details.
    • Employees Approved Leave report.
  • Employee
    • Personal Details report.
    • Educational Background report.
    • Employment History report.
    • Work Experience report.
    • Society memberships report.
    • Reward/Disciplinary report.
    • Performance Appraisal report.
    • Accident report.
    • Job Changes and Departmental Transfers report.
    • Age report.
    • Resignation report.
    • Length of service report.
    • Unconfirmed Employee report.
    • Retirement report.
    • Salary Listing.
  • Training
    • External Training Centres Listing.
    • Employee Training Records Listing.
    • Employee Training Analysis Report.
    • Employee Retraining Report.
    • Employee Training Program Evaluation Report.
    • Trainer Skills Details Report.
    • Training Program Details Report.
    • Trainer Evaluation Report.
  • Skill
    • Skills Codes Listing.
    • Skills Base Details Report.
    • Employee Skills Group Report.
    • Employee Skills Report.
    • Employee Skill Requirements Report.
    • Employee Training Needs Analysis.
  • Others
    • Country Listing.
    • Claim Scheme Details.
    • Employee Claim Details.
    • Loan Types Listing.
    • Employee Loan Report.
    • Employee Resource Details.
    • Manpower Plan v. Actual Report.
    • Budget Plan v. Actual Report.
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