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Billing & Disbursement

Rockbell Billing & Disbursement has been specifically created for legal firms and will aid the process of billing and disbursement. With this automated administrative software, you will be able to prevent the duplication of work and retrieve case files for follow-up billing with ease. It has a comprehensive service tax collection report and can itemise billing for each client..

  • Client’s contact list.
  • Client’s particulars with billing history.
  • Bank Account maintenance.
  • Login via user ID and password.
  • Lawyer maintenance.
  • Pre-defined billing charges template.
  • Billing Transactions – Invoice, Payment voucher.
  • Trust Accounting – by receipts, refunds, transfers, reimbursement, legal fees.
  • Fully integrates with Rockbell Accounting and Rockbell Client Account.

  • Client Report.
  • Analysis Report.
  • Vendor Listing.
  • Appointment Report.
  • Legal Fees: Cost/Expenses Report.
  • Outstanding Reports.
  • Transaction Reports.
  • Unbilled Reports.
  • Unpaid Reports.
  • Service Tax.
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