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Rockbell Asset Register

In an age of globalisation and increasing digitisation, having the necessary strategic information at your fingertips is crucial if you are to keep up with the rest of the world. Comprehensive information on your financial statements and assets will aid efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. Being in control and monitoring your assets may be the key to maximising your true financial potential.

Rockbell Asset Register is an essential tool that not only manages your assets, but also monitors and keeps track of them for you. A complete software that is vital for the effective management and control of assets for your firm or organisation.

  • Records asset details.
  • Maintains asset acquisition and disposal.
  • Detailed asset listing and historical performance.
  • Tracks asset movements.
  • Hire purchase maintenance.
  • Maintains insurance policy on assets.
  • Four distinct methods of asset depreciation for valuations purposes.
  • Information maintenance on asset suppliers.
  • Calculates repair costs of assets.

  • Multi-company function.
  • Four defined and customisable depreciation methods.
  • Gain and loss value reports.
  • Asset location transfer maintenance and reports.
  • Prevents duplication and revaluation of assets.
  • Pin number protocol for level restricted access.
  • Insurance coverage and expiry date notification.

  • Asset listing report.
  • Asset movement summary.
  • Fixed asset disposal report.
  • Asset addition report.
  • Revaluation report.
  • Historical listings report.
  • Insurance coverage report.
  • Hire purchase summary.
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