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Microsoft Retail Management System Pricing.
Microsoft retail management system have 2 different product, Headquarter and store operation. The store operation contain all POS and back office functionality for 1 store. The headquarter sole purposes is for managing, multiple store inventory, sales report, etc.

All prices is in Australian dollar.

Store operation

Single lane:
$ 2000

second and additional lane:
$ 1150

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Headquarters is used for controlling 2 or more store operation in different location. Each store connected to headquarter require additional license. The basic HQ already comes with 2 free store license.

HQ Base(w/2 store license pack):
$ 4950

additional lane:
$ 903

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Maintenance plan
We offer flexible maintenance plan depends on the needs of the customer. These maintenance plans are yearly based. contact us for maintenance plan that will fit your needs and budget. This is our current Basic maintenance plan for the program. For detail of the maintenance service click here.

Store operation
Single lane and first license $ 300. each additional lane $150

HQ Server or base(w/2 store license pack) $ 742.50. Each additional store to access HQ $ 143

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