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Microsoft RMS
Microsoft Business Solutions Retail Management System is an easy-to-use, affordable way to automate your stores. It is intended for mid-size retailers who wants to increase its efficiency and control over their business. Detail ...
Rockbell have products line to help increase your business efficiency and control. Axilian specialize in integrating and implementing software especially for retail. We provide service and support for Point of sale product. Detail ...
SELLmatix touch screen pos software allows customer orders to be entered along with a location (table) number, and then the order is "processed" or sent to the SELLmatix Control system. Control then prints orders on up to 9 different kitchen and bar printers, and stores the order so that the customer can order additional items which can be entered on any SELLmatix POS or PocketPos terminal, and when these additional orders are processed, Control prints the order in the appropriate location, and adds it to the existing order for that table. When the customer is ready to pay, their bill can be printed from any POS terminal, and payment can be processed on any of the SELLmatix POS terminals. Detail ...