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SellMatix Pocket PC Software.
Pocket PC
SELLmatix PocketPos is our Point of Sale software which runs on Pocket PC's running Windows Mobile 2003 or later with a WiFi adaptor. It is designed to be used by waiters taking orders in restaurants.

PocketPos offers a number of significant advantages over other alternatives in a restaurant environment, and replaces the order pad on which waiters typically write orders. These advantages include the following:-
  • Faster Order Processing
    With PocketPos, there is no need for the waiter to physically take the order slip to the kitchen. By simply clicking on "Process Order", the order is sent via WiFi connection to SELLmatix Control, which then prints the orders on the various kitchen printers. As a result, customers can be served more quickly, resulting in greater turn on the tables.
  • Loss Reduction
    One of the main areas where losses occur in restaurants is where items orders are not included on the customer's account. Waiters either forget, or are distracted. By using PocketPos for processing all orders to the kitchen and bar areas, the orders are automatically added to the customer's bill. Everything is charged. Correctly.
  • Increased Sales
    In any restaurant, certain of the wait staff are better at up-selling customers and increasing revenue than other staff who have less rapport with customers and merely take orders. With PocketPos, the restaurant can be organized more effectively, so that the wait staff who do the best job of up-selling the customers use PocketPos to sell and take orders, while the other wait staff are used to clear tables and deliver orders when ready. In this way, wait staff with better sales skills are freed from other tasks, and spend more time on the task of increasing sales, and increased revenue results.
  • Efficient Menu Changes
    In any restaurant changes to the printed menu will occur from time to time. This may be due to specials, or it may also occur because certain dishes are unavailable. PocketPos is automatically programmed by SELLmatix Control, so that when items are added to the menu, or taken off because "there is no more lobster", this is automatically updated on PocketPos so that the waiters cannot sell more of the items which can no longer be served. As a result, you avoid the embarrassment, inconvenience and delay of going back to the customer after and order has been taken and asking them to order something else.
Fast Easy operation
When we originally designed PocketPos, we intended to use graphical icons and images on the Pocket PC display for ordering and selling items. Similar to the type of interface used in SELLmatix POS.

There are some other Pocket PC POS software vendors that follow a similar approach. Very quickly however, we learned the limitations of such an interface. Because of the very limited size of the display on a Pocket PC, very few images and Icons which are clear enough to be understood will fit on a single display screen.

If the images and Icons are reduced in size so that a reasonable number will fit on a single screen, they are very unclear and difficult for the user to understand. If they are big enough to be easily understood then very few fit on a single screen, and hence it becomes quite difficult for the user to navigate through all the different display screens.

Even worse, changes to the restaurant menu involve considerable work in reconfiguring the Pocket PC Display and this can be a big issue if items are taken off the menu during trading.

After a great deal of work addressing this issue, we abandoned the idea of using Icons and graphics to show pictures of items on the Pocket PC version of SELLmatix, and switched to an entirely Menu Driven sales interface for PocketPos.

Computer "menus" originally mimicked the menus in Chinese Restaurants which displayed a list of options from which to choose, so we decided to complete this metaphor in PocketPos. Text characters are, after all, the most easily recognizable icons of all!

In PocketPos, the waiter can sell any item with 3 "taps" of the stylus. First they tap the "Sell" Menu. Then they tap on the category of item, which normally corresponds to the printed page of the menu which has been given to the customer. Then they tap the actual item being ordered. Simple, fast and elegant.

Commonly used modifiers can also be set up so that they can be specified just as easily. Where more detailed information needs to be specified, free form modifiers can be used so that any notes can be added to the order.

Best of all, when menu changes occur, you never need to re-configure the Pocket PC with new icons or navigation sequences. SELLmatix Control updates the PocketPos Menus automatically in the background. All you need to do is make the changes once in SELLmatix Control and all the PocketPos terminals are updated automatically.

The functionality and simplicity of PocketPos put it streets ahead of competing restaurant mobile ordering systems.
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