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SellMatix System Features ...
Sellmatix is designed to be secure, fast, and heavy duty performance pos system.

Robust Database engine
  • Proven to handle 130,000 products without performance degradation.
  • In house database system.
  • Minimal hardware requirement: Pentium 3 with 128 MB RAM
  • Sends invoice by e-mail (optional)
  • Support contract pricing for different customers
  • Shipping charge and shipping information, Taxable, and tax exempt customers, Void invoice lines and void invoice
  • Manual quantity, price and description overriding. Select products from a list, or word search for products, Create quotes, Use bar code scanner for products, User-defined multiple price levels
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Point of Sale
  • Percentage discount, and flat dollar amount discount
  • Your company logo printed on invoice and reports for a customized look.
  • Can be integrated with various POS hardware like: barcode scanner, Receipt printer, Invoice printer, Cash Drawer and Pole Display.
  • Can use up to 9 different order printers for different location.
  • Can work independently even if the server down.
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Inventory Control
  • Product information maintenance screen to update inventory on-hand, minimum quantity
  • Inventory on-hand is automatically updated as you sell the products in point-of-sales screen
  • Download inventory information to Quickbooks, MYOB or generic text document
  • Upload inventory on-hand and pricing information from Quickbooks, MYOB or generic text document
  • Low stock warning. When stock is bellow minimum level, the control will flash letting the supervisor to replenish.
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  • Daily sales per clerk or per shift [POS]
  • X report per clerk or per shift [POS]
  • Detailed sales report break down by payment mode.[Control]
  • Detailed report to help owner detect fraud by describing how many times item are voided, etc. [POS]
  • Reorder item for item below re-order level.[Control]
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  • Easy search by customer name.
  • Update name address, phone, fax, contact, e-mail address, and other notes.
  • Update pricing level Information.
  • Upload or download list of customer from MYOB, Quickbooks, or generic text.
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Access Security
  • Option to run with or without access security, using user code.
  • 7 categories of access (X read, Z read, configure, no sale, refund, price change, overriding price).
  • User can be assigned to any of the above 7 categories access.

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Multiple Network stations
  • Connect as many workstations as the Windows network can hold(Tested for 64 pos station working concurrently).
  • Multiple users updating common database concurrently under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Simple installation- only enter computer name and the system will updating automatically.
  • Necessary local files and directories are created automatically.
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