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Continuous Quality Improvement.

At Axilian we believe that solution will continually evolve to response the challenge of the changes in retail market. We did not deploy our solution and leave the customer adapt to the changes in the market by themselves. We work together with our customer so that our solution will always support ever changing needs of our customer.

The process
Right from the start of our process, we will study customer requirement and propose our solutions with all detail of the technology and cost. We will make sure that our customer knows what and why we choose certain technology. After deployment we will make sure that key person in operation will understand how to use our solution and basic maintenance. Depending on the service contract our customer willing to commit, we will do updates or other improvement required.

Our capabilities
We at axilian, continuously expands our knowledge not only in technological aspect, we also maintain current trend of retail market knowledge. Our staff must passed required Microsoft Business Solution specialist certification before implementing the product. We are constantly trained our staff to be well around enggineer in Networking and windows platform specialist. Our staff are also experience in programming in various popular environment, such as .net and java environment. However, knowing these technologies doesn't mean we are only confined working with these technologies. We always passionate and up to challenge in finding and working with technology beyond our capabilities as long as our customer can be benefited towards implementing it.

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