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Barcode scanners
All our scanner can be customized to use RS-232, usb or keyboard wedge. Please note that if using RS-232, the power adapter is purchased separately.

CCD Scanner
CCD(Charge-Coupled Device) scanner used older than laser technology. It used light reflected by LED(Light-emiting diodes) projecting to the barcode. This technology usually offer lower price solution. Disadvantage of this scanning method are slower than laser and require the user to hold the scanner near(varied by model) and click the button/trigger. CCD barcode scanners are suitable for low-medium traffic check out counter. detail...

Laser Scanner
Laser scanner used light reflected from rapidly-moving laser to shine a particular frequency of light at the black and white bars of a barcode. The photo diode in the scanner received and read the reflected light. Laser scanner generally are faster and read further than its CCD counterpart. Laser can be used with trigger or automatically triggered when there is object nearby. Laser barcode readers are perfectly suited for medium to high traffic check out counter. detail...

Mobile scanner
Mobile scanner is a wireless scanner operate on battery. It can be used as Portable data collector or can be attached to PDA(palm or Poket PC) for other application.

The scanner use laser engine. It come with 32 kb or more memory for batch processing. Depending on the length of the barcode, it can store about 30,000 items or more per batch. Very practical for warehouse stock opname or application where batch processing barcodes are required. detail...

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