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About Axilian.
Who we are

Axilian is a software house and system integrator company specializing in retail industry solution. Our mission is to satisfy customers with responsible and profesional services. Axilian core values includes: quality hardware, software and maintenance plan.

POS hardware depends on what software is supporting it. Unlike regular PC hardware, customers end-up buying proprietary hardware because the software they use is not compatible. Axilian ensures our customer to pick hardware that conforms with established open standard, like OPOS or JPOS. We worked together with several leading OEM manufacturer to bring you "worry free" hardware, in which will ensure longetivity usage and lower maintenance time. Click here to check out our hardware offering.

We choose our software solution depends on our customer budget and features. The more features they require, will calls for more sophisticated infrastructure thus bringing the cost higher. We ensures customer will not pay extra for features they are not actually needs. Click here to check out our software offering.

Maintenance plan
As in our mission statement, we would like to provide responsible services to our customer. We will treat each problem case seriously without consideration of what is the maintenance program our customer had bought. We provide various maintenance plan for our customer so they can lower their operation cost without sacrificing much on their system performance. Click here to check out our maintenance programs.

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